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Culture Management Software

Establishing a great workplace environment and performance culture can be a hard task to handle on your own - but with software that's designed to manage the development and engagement of your employees, it's never been easier!

With Fusion, every employee in your business can reach their true potential, while having a direct and positive impact on your business goals. Its easy-to-use, quick, and you'll see results in no time!

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What is performance culture?

Understanding the core values of your business and aligning team members to your vision is key to establishing a great performance culture.

Through regular team engagement surveys and by developing a coaching culture, you will inspire managers, teams, and remote employees alike to build on their achievements, and change workplace behaviours in line with your key values and objectives.



To develop a great performance culture, you need to understand more about the culture of your business. To begin with, using a 100% online platform, survey your team members to understand your business culture. Experience tells us that employee surveys should always be anonymous to give team members the confidence to answer questions honestly, without the fear of retribution. Each team member is provided access to an anonymous platform to give your business the benchmark it needs.

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Once the survey has been completed by employees and managers, our qualified coaches will evaluate the results across the 10 key culture drivers for Australian businesses, before presenting our findings to your organisation. Our recommendations will include actionable insights that we can use and develop to help you create a performance-related plan that is not only measurable, but achievable.

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To realize your business goals and to identify and retain your best people, it's important that all employees are actively involved in the performance culture process for the best employee experience. This will enable each individual to view their personal progress in real-time, allow them to set their career goals, and work towards achieving success. Benchmarks are only useful if you act on them. Using your results, our Coaches work with you to build a plan that is achievable, measurable and adds value to your business.


Why is company culture important?

Great people have the ability to make their companies great, too. Healthy performance culture goes beyond the engagement and retention of employees and managers. Behavior is key to a great company culture, so by aligning individuals to your business's core values and investing in their development, they will go the extra mile to achieve the strategic goals of your business.

Utilizing performance software will allow you to ask the right questions, and evaluate employee feedback to drive positive change in the workplace. By investing in each individual your organization will soon benefit from an increase in efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, profits.

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The benefits of using performance management software

Companies across Australasia are quickly seeing the advantages of using a performance culture platform to engage teams and boost performance. Investing in a performance management solution will give your organization the tools to effectively manage the performance of your teams, while keeping them engaged and focused.

One of the main features of the software is the ability to create engagement surveys. Using tailor-made questions your business can effectively measure how engaged individuals are, and how connected they feel with the business.

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Improved employee experience

Managers can utilize the platform to set company goals and develop a strategic vision of the business for individuals to strive towards. Combining personal goal setting with business targets will create accountability for individuals which will improve the employee experience. In fact, by giving your employees a voice and including them in your decision-making processes, they will feel valued, performance will improve, and employee satisfaction will skyrocket.

What's more, people who feel connected to the wider team through coaching and personal development opportunities are more likely to add real value to your business in order to reach company objectives.

Improved employee engagement

Performance culture software will help each team member in your company to succeed. Through regular check-ins and performance reviews with managers, engagement will increase as teams will be working toward the same goals. By setting personal development plans for each person, team members will be clear on their objectives, and keen to meet them.

A great performance culture in your workforce will encourage people to share suggestions, ideas, and ask questions, thus encouraging innovation and high performance across the board.

Longer employee lifecycle

Happy and fulfilled workers are far more likely to build their career with a business that values their input and commitment. Think about it - you've already invested heavily in attracting, recruiting and onboarding each and every individual in your business, so you want to retain your best people for as long as possible. By implementing a performance culture platform you will positively impact the development of each individual, resulting in higher employee engagement and a longer employee lifecycle.



There's no doubt that culture drives performance. A strong culture will ensure that each member of your team will live by your company values whilst encouraging their colleagues to do the same. In addition, people who have a clear career path to follow will perform better and more efficiently, directly contributing to the success of your company.

Since 2008, we've been researching and developing our best-in-class software to help SME businesses keep their best employees, and achieve their company goals and objectives. We've helped hundreds of businesses unlock their true potential - join us today, and see what Fusion can do for you!


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