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Just as every person is unique, every business is unique. But that doesn't mean we have to start from scratch to understand and develop your business' culture. In fact, after working with more than 800 businesses we know that consistency in measuring is key to sustained growth!

Our industry-tested processes have been developed over 12 years of practice to meet the rigorous demands of your business - even in this COVID world!



01/ understand

Using a 100% online, custom-built platform branded to your business, we survey your team to understand your business culture. Participants rate 50 research-driven data points before providing various demographic information to provide further analysis of your business - all while guaranteeing the anonymity of each participant! 

Each team member is provided with their own unique login link which allows them to complete the survey all at once, or in stages - whatever suits your business. 

If anything goes wrong or a participant has a query, one of our certified Coaches is just a click away to provide support - while maintaining social distancing and not disrupting your business. 


Once all the responses are in (we average a 94% completion rate!), one of our qualified Coaches begins the review process. 


We examine the 50 data points across all demographics before bringing it back to our 10 key culture drivers that maximise business performance in Australasian SME's. 


Once we have a handle on the numbers we present the results back to you via an online workshop where participants can ask questions, dive deep into the data, or stay looking at the high level. This is your business, so by the end of this workshop, you will understand the results and what anchors can be released to position your business for growth. 

Download a summarised Fusion Culture Report
Fusion Report.png
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03/ action

Data is only useful if you act on it. Using your results and benchmarks against over 800 Australasian businesses (isn't benchmarking the closest legal thing you can do to IP theft??), one of our Coaches will work with you to build an Action Plan that is:

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